Re: Wintering in potentially freezing conditions, watermaker?

Thomas Peacock

Mark from Dessalator in the US recommends the pink anti-freeze (propylene glycol) alone as an alternative to metabisulfite. So, in cold weather you have both bases covered. 
If you did use metabisulfite, you could add glycerol, but I’m not sure about the ratio. 

Tom Peacock
SM 240 Aletes
Chesapeake Bay US

On Aug 7, 2019, at 5:37 AM, SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

Hi folks,
We will be wintering ashore this year at Ardrossan, Scotland where there is a possibility of subzero temperatures and I intend to take measures to combat possible damage due to freezing. I’ve never wintered in such conditions, so it’s a new process for me. I’m comfortable with the obvious stuff like empty water tanks, drain lines, anti-freeze in engine/gen raw water coolant lines etc.

One area that is puzzling me a little is the watermaker system. I’m thinking about some kind of non-toxic antifreeze solution?  

What do others with such potentially sub-zero wintering conditions do with their watermakers?

Many thanks
SY Stella A54-154

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