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Matt Salatino

We’ve been into Cape May, twice.
Once, in the anchorage, and once fueling at Utah’s Marina.
It is shallow, but manageable.
Radio the marina for directions in deep water. When fueling, we diverted course, in, fueled, and out, in under two hours....


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Wolfgang,We just made that passage , I don't think there is enough water to get into the Cape May harbor and the Bay inlet is restricted by a fixed bridge. In settled weather you can anchor just about anywhere along the coast in less than 20 ft. of water. BTW if heading north you can round the Cape very close to shore ,just need to pick your way around a couple of shoals and  that saves a few miles going all the way out and around the shoal area. I don't think there is many or any inlets on the Jersey coast to go into given our draft.
Good Luck ,
SM Shenanigans

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Good morning ,
I received the dyneema loops by Amel and ask now the group for any advice or recommendations for the way to Change the loops at the Antal Block. First try after getting out the screw was without effect to get out the roll.Will I loose the balls of the bearings 
Thank you very much Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54 #162 on Delaware River to Cape May ( any recommendations for Marina or anchorage?)

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