Re: Deleware Bay --> Cape May anchorages

Craig Briggs

Hi Wolfgang,
There's a wonderful "secret" anchorage on that route. It's the Cohansey River part way down Delaware Bay and you can anchor around any bend as you go up the river. This is an old commercial freighter port and has lots of depth going in and all the way up the river. Keep entry light "1C" close to port going in and then stay far left for 6 to 7 Meters (20-25 feet) of water. If you go up a few bends there's a fun restaurant at Hancock Marine where you can tie off at their dock. Approach depth is 3-4 meters.  In calm winds there are mosquitoes the farther up the river you go.
At Cape May you can easily carry your draft into the inlet and anchor either to the left towards the Coast Guard Station or to the right before the bridge or past it. Watch for 180° tide change.
Check Active Captain for more info on these anchorages.
Cheers, Craig - SN68 Sangaris - Tropic Isle Harbor FL

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