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From day one, I have been against sea anchors. Being that they are launched from the bow , you are basically going backwards or standing still.

I was always concerned about the forces on the rudder vs going down wind on a drogue.

Most of them are also a pain to retrieve.

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Thank s Brian - good luck choosing!



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I've been doing more research on this...again. I used to own a 27' off-shore center console power cat with a ParaTech sea Anchor. That's very different from say an Amel Santorin. I'm currently leaning towards a JDS if budget and space require me to choose. Otherwise, I'd have both and be prepared for both. However, I expect my first inclination would be to reach for the JDS.

This link provides a good, although sometimes heated, discussion. I think there is a good deal of value that can be learned for this.

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