Only an Amel will do. Game Set Match. Crew Available

ericmeury <ericmeury@...>

hello all.

I'm am new to the board and actually just learned about Amel in
November of 2008 when i had the opportunity to tour Frank's SM - named
Mona Rae.

Needless to say i instantly fell in love. What a simple perfect
design. Honestly, i have been looking for a boat that was a center
cockpit, nice mech. access, aft cabin, few steps into the cabin as well
as a swim step for my 80lbs dogs. (i know dogs on boats?) Everything
seems simple on the boat and it just feels right. For me at least i
function is beautiful.

I'm a few years away from being able to purchase another boat. I used
to own a 1965 choey lee- it certainly was beautiful but i worked on the
boat more than i sailed it.

I would love - i mean absolutly love the opportunity to help crew on
any passages any amel owner, any where is about to undertake this

As i said before, i used to own a cheoy lee. As far as off shore
experience i helped deliver a hylas 70 from Puerto Rico to Baltimore
and then i sailed from Newport RI to Bermuda then to St Martin.

I know this a group for owners, and i have looked on Sail Net and I am
a member of Hank Schmidts OPO program but honestly i would rather spend
those weeks that i can commit to something sailing on an Amel.

I probably 5-10 years away from being able to cruise full time
depending on a couple of projects and i really want to get to know the
Amel more before i purchase the boat.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity and i hope to be sailing on an
Amel soon.

Eric J. Meury

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