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Nick Newington

Hi Scott,

My Desalateur produces 160l per hour easily. Actually one should adjust the pressure to that effect as the water temperature and salinity effect output. So in the West Indies and Greece in summer     I have to keep the pressure just kissing green on the HP, if I set it at midway on the gauge it produces 180 litres. I think in colder water more pressure is required and in less saline water less pressure.

Coming back to Lithium. So what is your routine for charging the batteries? Assume bright sunshine.
Let’s assume:
You want hot water every day
You need to make 100 litres of water per day
You cook etc and run all fridges 
And do all the phone charging and laptop charging maybe watch TV for an hour etc etc....
Maybe do a load of laundry.
Just living at anchor

Amelia (54-019)
Preveza Greece

On 7 Aug 2019, at 23:09, Scott SV Tengah <sv.tengah@...> wrote:


If you look at Dessalator specs you'll see that it does operate much more efficiently at 24v vs 220v.

For my Duo100, operating at 220v uses nearly 60% more wattage than operating at 24v. Moreover, inverters aren't 100% efficient so I try to go 24v whenever possible.

BTW does your 160l/h actually produce 160l/h? The gauge on mine will show 100+ but measuring via the floating dipstick shows the tank is only getting 80l
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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