Re: Wintering in potentially freezing conditions, watermaker?

Thomas Peacock

Pretty sure the Starbrite is good. Main ingredient should be propylene glycol. 
For engine and gen, we would close the engine room through-hull, then run engine while pouring pink stuff through the sea chest until you could see it coming out the exhaust. Same for gen. 
I would not want to guarantee, but the engine room does stay a little warmer as it is lower, and derives “heat” from the cold Scottish water. Some people augment this with a 100 watt incandescent bulb (if you can find one). 
As I recall, to totally antifreeze the engines, watermaker, and fresh water system, you might go through ten gallons. 
Not sure about the water maker tube, we never did it, watermaker was already asleep with metabi and glycerine. Our manual says to use 10 liters chlorine free water, 100 grams metabi, and 2 liters glycerine ( which provides the antifreeze property). I don’t know if the glycerine can pass through the membrane, it is a very small molecule, kind of like water by structure (OH-OH-OH). If so, that would also protect the tube. Pretty sure propylene glycol will not pass through. 

Tom Peacock
SM #240 Aletes
Chesapeake Bay US

On Aug 8, 2019, at 6:49 AM, SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

Thanks Mark and Tom,
I’ve found the Starbrite Pink antifreeze online at Force4 chandlery in the UK. Good to -46C.
I think it’s probably the same product that you use, since it’s sold in US gallon containers.
How many gallons would you normally use? I presume you just use the same pink antifreeze for the engine and genset too?

Mark, may I assume that draining the tube is easy once I’ve removed the control panel from the bulkhead?
Any tricks there?

Also, do you use the manual flush lever/inlet to introduce the antifreeze, or do you run it through the seawater inlet?  I guess the latter is easier.

Many thanks once again
SY Stella

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