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I am assuming you are USA flagged?


I spent a lot of time on insurance after Pantaenius USA changed their Caribbean policy requirements to a point where it was just about impossible to comply.


If you are not planning on being anywhere near the Caribe during the season, try talking to Scott:


Scott Stusek | Vice President



500 Mamaroneck Avenue |Harrison, NY 10528 | United States of America

Tel. 443-569-7995 | Fax. 443-569-7996 | Cell 914-217-7991 |



Another option that may work for you is an awesome company called Novamar. It is an A-Rated insurance company with a really easy to understand policy. The contact is Chris. He is an independent agency who writes a lot of policies for Novamar.


Chris Boome Insurance Agency

LIC# 0A99058

751 Laurel Street #216

San Carlos, CA 94070

O: 650-517-3160  C: 650-464-0728


E-mail: chris@...



Both of the companies above will offer a stated value / declared value policies.



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Having been dropped by Travelers we are receiving quotes for coverage for East Coast US and Caribbean (not hurricane season). Age is apparently a factor in rates and Aletes is a 1998 hull. Received quote from IRSUS Inc./Aspen American Insurance Company for $4797 on hull value of $225,000 with 5% deductible. Does anyone have experience with this company?

Geico quote was $5808 with 4% deductible.


Mike Ondra

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