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Matt Salatino

Sorry to jump in on this thread....
We are taking possession of our Amel 50 in Sept.
We are searching for insurance now.
USA flagged, but cruising the Iberian Peninsula and the Med.
Thanks in advance...


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I am assuming you are USA flagged?


I spent a lot of time on insurance after Pantaenius USA changed their Caribbean policy requirements to a point where it was just about impossible to comply.


If you are not planning on being anywhere near the Caribe during the season, try talking to Scott:


Scott Stusek | Vice President



500 Mamaroneck Avenue |Harrison, NY 10528 | United States of America

Tel. 443-569-7995 | Fax. 443-569-7996 | Cell 914-217-7991 |



Another option that may work for you is an awesome company called Novamar. It is an A-Rated insurance company with a really easy to understand policy. The contact is Chris. He is an independent agency who writes a lot of policies for Novamar.


Chris Boome Insurance Agency

LIC# 0A99058

751 Laurel Street #216

San Carlos, CA 94070

O: 650-517-3160  C: 650-464-0728


E-mail: chris@...



Both of the companies above will offer a stated value / declared value policies.



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Having been dropped by Travelers we are receiving quotes for coverage for East Coast US and Caribbean (not hurricane season). Age is apparently a factor in rates and Aletes is a 1998 hull. Received quote from IRSUS Inc./Aspen American Insurance Company for $4797 on hull value of $225,000 with 5% deductible. Does anyone have experience with this company?

Geico quote was $5808 with 4% deductible.


Mike Ondra

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