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smiles bernard

Thanks Matt 👍
Ok so it looks like a heat gun is the best bet for removal. The boats on a mooring so perhaps best to wait a while till I’ve got shore power for the job. I’ll probably take a floor hatch home and try on that small section 1st before tackling the floor I can’t remove in situ. 
I’ll see what works best. Heat gun vs cabinet scraper and report back. I assume if someone used polyurethane before then the heat gum might not work but hopefully it’s just varnish. 

Thanks for the tip the polyurethane option btw. I’ll hunt for basketball court floor systems 

All the best

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If you are refinishing down below, where there isn’t constant exposure to direct sunlight, polyurethane is a much better choice for cabin soles. It is much harder, more abrasion resistant. In any case, to get a good finish, the old stuff needs to come off.  A tough job, but made easier with a heat gun and metal scraper. Then a fine (220 grit) sand to flatten and smooth. Use a sanding block, or your fingers will cause an uneven finish. Clean with alcohol, then apply the finish.


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Hello there

Our cabin sole needs some tlc. Family sailing with young boys onboard means it’s seen some action and I need to revarnish it.

In high traffic areas we are down through varnish to bare wood in patches.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice on how best to restore the floor.

Do you think I need to remove all the existing varnish 1st? If so I assume cabinet scrappers would be the best option - if very slow :(

Then I was thinking of a few coats of epoxy ?? and then a matt varnish. Perhaps a water based one so it’s not so toxic during the application

It’d be great to get any tips from folk who have done this before

Many thanks in advance

Maramu 162
Plymouth Uk

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