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Vicente Pereda

Hi, First my apologies because this late answer. 

I am the owner of SV AILAMA SM107, that is In Greece and my plan is to leave her in Aigina in one of those dry marinas that you mentioned. Is the first time I stay there but has been strongly recommended from several friends, and I booked it for AILAMA.

This is a copy of some part of the email that the owner of the marina sent me:

I thank you for the fast response and information.
We have availability at the moment to book a place for  AILAMA 
The prices you asked for are the followings:

Lifting and launching.                     950
Storage per month.                         325
Power wash.                                      180

I know maybe you have some information about us and a recommendation but I feel better if I share with you some things :

First  of all have in mind  that the most of our costumers booked a place early this year ,please if you are interested  to store your boat with us contact as soon as possible ,Thank you very much for understanding .


One more thing (and important) is when you have a little time do your own web search about the boatyards near us or others .Maybe some yards look cheaper at first but when the time comes for launching the total bill it's not like in the beginning ... They take out the yachts cheaper and then try to overcharge the customers with unexpected and hidden expenses ,Unfortunately some people with their policy and behavior damaged our market ...

“Cheap is twice expensive in the end sometimes “

There are some web sites you can see and read about our yard .

My personal number is +306973052104 ,

But you can also contact  us via viber ,whatsapp ,iMessage or  FaceTime  and email us  like now,usually I answer in a few minutes (maybe seconds )”

Best regards I hope this information is useful for you.

Vicente Pereda


El 4 ago 2019, a las 18:28, Gerhard Mueller via Groups.Io <carcode@...> escribió:

What about Kalamata?
I'm here now for about a year.
Gerhard Mueller
Amel Sharki #60
Currently Kalamata, Greece

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