Re: outhaul and main furling gear box

Mike Ondra

Gary, Following up on your last post on this subject. Maud at Amel
has confirmed that the square gearbox on the SM2000 was/is made by
Bonfiglioli. I have been trying for the past month trough our local
Bonfiglioli rep to determine if I can obtain one directly at a
significantly better price than through Amel. The two I have taken
off the boat have no evidence of part numbers (all paint is gone) and
even after sending them detailed photographs they have not identified
the part. If indeed you have part numbers, that may help.

Thanks, Mike

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Regarding your post where you asked: " Has anyone a part
number on the square shaped gearboxes?"

Recently I purchased from Amel a new gearbox as a spare. It
came with a data plate that indicated the manufacturer and
the part number and serial number.

I won't be on my boat until Jan 28th, but I will post on this site
the particulars related to that new gearbox as soon as I am on
the boat.


Gary Silver, SM2000 Hull # 335

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