Re: Wintering in potentially freezing conditions, water maker?


Hi Dean,

I have used the Glycerin and sterilizer mixture many times as Dessalator directs.  As I understand it, the   glycerin absorbs water.  You would never want to pressurize the system with the mixture.  To help the process, I added a “t” and shut-off valve to the exit hose between the sea-cock where waste water leaves the boat and where the bypass water from the water maker enters the exit hose.  I then added a long hose from that to a bucket where I have the glycerin and sterilized mixture and the water maker inlet hose.  Then when I run the water maker at no pressure the fluid circulates through the water maker for as long as I want.    Reading this, I think it could be more clear.  I will take a photo in the next day or two .

When I expect temperatures as low as – 10 or so F, I use more glycerin than Dessalator directs.  Also, be sure to do this in warm weather. Unless the water is more than 20 C or more, the water and glycerin will not mix. 



s/y Ladybug, sm 216, Newport, RI harbor.


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