Re: “Default” anchor arrangement on an Amel 54

Ian Park

Just another bit of experience.
The shaft on my Spade anchor bent. It is easily replaceable, but it is hollow ( part of the design to keep lots of weight in the lead filled tip). I’m using a Rocna now - I’d put them pretty equal on setting and holding.
But this season I changed my chain over end to end. As I started to undo the hex bolt the whole thing fell apart. The top of s/s hex bolt head had turned to a black carbon looking substance and could have fallen apart anytime (photo attached). Don’t know what caused this, but I’ve removed the swivel now and returned to a seized shackle that I can keep an eye on.

It is a Kong swivel. If you are still using one I suggest a new hex bolt once a year.

Ocean Hobo SN96

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