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Hi All,

 I have never been a fan of anchor swivels, having seen them come apart on other boats. If I were to fit one I would buy it from a commercial fisherman's chandlery and make it oversize.

 However, in place of a swivel we have always used two shackles in tandem between the chain and our  stainless Spade. This has always resulted in the Spade turning the right way up as it enters the bow roller. 
 The shackles are easy undo  to inspect. We have two stainless shackles with flush heads screwed in with an Allen key. 

Queries have been raised about the attachment of a stainless anchor or shackles to galvanised chain--does this give rise to electrolysis ?  The only answer I can give is that in nearly 20 years we have seen no sign.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Greece

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Hi Arno;

In 5 seasons of sailing in the Med (about 5 months each) and mostly anchoring in many different condition and bottoms with the Amel supplied Buegel,  we only dragged once, that we know of or could notice ( about 30 meters).

I believe the performance of all anchors depends largely on how they are set. A factor that is hard to quantify. We have been pleased with the performance our buegel, until now.


Mohammad & Aty
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #099

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Just for fun, try NO swivel. 
We did as an experiment, finding it unnecessary


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Dear Forum,

I am aware this is a never ending discussion but is it just me or is the standard anchor arrangement on an Amel 54 (Delta on port side, Buegel on starbord side) not the greatest?
Specifically the Buegel anchor sits quite poorly on the bow, I think. Just to entertain myself I decided to swap the two anchors over to see how that would fit. I noticed the Delta sat much better on the starboard side and the Buegel still sat poorly on the port side. I still need to swap the rollers to see if that makes a difference.
I accept the argument dat the Buegel is a better anchor then the Delta, although many boats carry a Delta anchor.
So my question is what did my fellow A54 owners do to improve the situation at the bow, if anything.
I'm considering to buy a Spade anchor to replace the Buegel anchor.

The other thing I noticed is that this fancy swivel is a pain to remove. In my case all the locking screws are impossible to remove, even after heating the thing. These screws are so small that you will wreck an allen-key if you put some force to it (and yes I do use proper allen-keys). In the end I also had to drill out the chain-locking pin as it also was completely seized and would not budge. Very disappointing. I'm going to replace this with a more rugged model (Kong or Mantus).


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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