Re: “Default” anchor arrangement on an Amel 54

Matt Salatino

Not all stainless reel is equal. 316 is much more corrosion resistant than 304. It’s difficult to find 316 bolts and nuts.


On Aug 10, 2019, at 3:07 AM, Ian <parkianj@...> wrote:

Just another bit of experience.
The shaft on my Spade anchor bent. It is easily replaceable, but it is hollow ( part of the design to keep lots of weight in the lead filled tip). I’m using a Rocna now - I’d put them pretty equal on setting and holding.
But this season I changed my chain over end to end. As I started to undo the hex bolt the whole thing fell apart. The top of s/s hex bolt head had turned to a black carbon looking substance and could have fallen apart anytime (photo attached). Don’t know what caused this, but I’ve removed the swivel now and returned to a seized shackle that I can keep an eye on.

It is a Kong swivel. If you are still using one I suggest a new hex bolt once a year.

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