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ngtnewington Newington

On Amelia I have demoted the Beugel to port side second anchor and now have a Spade 160 as the main anchor. Note that on the starboard side I have installed an extra roller to keep the chain from dragging over the stainless pulpit fitting.
This set up is really snug and fits well. 
The Delta 40kg is now in the Lazarette locker with an aluminium Fortress anchor. 

Amelia AML54-019
Sailing the Ionian

On 10 Aug 2019, at 17:28, Mark & Debbie Mueller <brass.ring@...> wrote:

The primary anchor on our A54 is a 33kg Rocna.  This anchor was installed on the boat when we purchased it.  The Rocna has set first time every time for us and the prior owner had literally been around the world with this anchor.  The galvanizing is worn off the tip and it is slightly rusty and I would not trade it for anything unless it was a 40 kg Rocna.


We did change the anchor swivel to a Mantus, I believe the manner the Mantus swivel connects to the chain spreads the load more evenly and is much more secure.  The neck of the swivel that was supplied by Amel had bent at some point presumably during a sideways pull.

Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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