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Very understandable with lots of actual and current information. Thanks for that.

There are many ways to cruise and many more methods to power your requirements aboard an Amel. When we account for personal needs and wishes, it is easy for anyone to clearly see that no one solution will fit everyone. In fact, it is likely that no single solution fits anyone else's.

When you turnover your Amel to new owners, be sure that what you've added and modified is completely documented and understood.


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Hi Scott

In answer to your questions, here is a pic of the boat from the drone we took recently in Marquesas showing you where the solar and wind gens are located. (We have 540W on the davits plus 500w above the cockpit. Unlike Delos who placed the wind gens at the rear, we placed another small handy arch in front of the Emerek arch to brace it even further for a much heavier dinghy (if ever required), and this is also where I now also have handy space for anything I wish to mount in the future such as security cameras, lights, the IridiumGo Cruiser package dome aerial etc..etc. By locating the wind gens here, I feel it is more away from shading the panels,(but no doubt does shade bits of them at times?). Although we have Victron equipment (eg Victron 3000w inverter / 70amp 24v charger) and remote controls, I did not bother to add the fancy Victron monitoring tools, but have not really noticed any reduction in solar output since adding the 2nd arch and 2 x wind gens. 

We have covered a lot of distance in the past two years so I find we are often full of power, and simply dumping excess solar/wind power generated. For that reason, and without having Lithium (where due to lower weight and space requirements, I would be very tempted to add much more battery storage capacity to capture that all excess power for rainy weeks)  I am far less interested in the cumulative solar or wind power generated than I am in when it is generated eg at night or on cloudy/rainy days.

In terms of the Duo 100 watermaker, we have at times run it in good sunny periods just on the batteries, but that has only been for incremental water after poor planning on our part. After cruising the boat permanently for just over two years, we have become far smarter at forward planning our water and energy requirements, and picking the best times to run the watermaker. Possibly this has been easier for us than for most as we have done over 30,000 nm in this time, (see our live tracker page link here: )  so have sailed and motor sailed a lot, and thus had far more opportunity than most to not run the genset. Also, these days it is just Lauren and me on the boat, and with a 1000L water tank, it is has been very rare indeed that we have ever put the genset on to make water, in fact, I cannot even remember a recent time we had to do this. Previously when we had 3 crew on board, with everyone using the showers, electric kettle, etc in a much less coordinated way, we simply could not plan our energy usage to the same level, and the genset was on daily.

On passages there are very often times when you will need to motor sail, (for example last week on the 1200nm passage from Bora Bora to Niue we had just 4kts - 9kts of wind for 4 long days! ouch!) and that's a prime example of when we like to make most our water, as I am then looking for ways to dump all that excess power, especially when the sun is also shining and when the batteries are already 100%. What I prefer to do on these occasions is to use the inverter and then run the Duo on 230v ac (rather than on 24v dc), as I find it slightly faster than on DC.

Regarding the Induction Stove, we purchased a "home-style" above kitchen benchtop "Phillips brand" plugin induction stove. These are pretty inexpensive nowadays and are awesome little units if you get a good quality brand name.  Our one has power options of 1800w, 1200w, 800w, 400w and is amazingly fast! So, for example, knowing we have a 3000w inverter, and we tend not to load it more than 2500w at any one time (eg computer, 1200w stove fast boiling, 750w microwave & plenty reserve) if possible, and so we have learned to adjust both the microwave power watts, and the stovetop watts as needed, for example, the rice pot on the induction comes onto the boil,(then down to 400w) and the veggies in the microwave need 900w instead of 750w to cook faster.  

The Phillips induction stove is one hotplate only glass top unit, and it fits perfectly on top of the standard Amel gas stove, and clips in under the existing pot holder steel rails. The great thing about this is it is perfectly gimballed and we have often had, for example, a huge pot of curry cooking there in 3m+ waves and it stays perfectly on the stovetop, but we still need to think about designing a decent stainless set of pot clamps for the little induction unit, just in case! Of course, being a benchtop model, we then also have the option of moving it onto the side benchtop too, and then using both gas cookers and induction, but this has never yet been necessary for us. Our gas usage is so seldom that we last filled our propane gas up in Mauritius 1 year ago and it is still full!

The last point I should mention is your hot water system (as this is normally the only time when we sometimes need to run the genset now, unplanned .for 15 - 20mins at night. (for the Admiral's shower). We decided to replace our hot water boiler with a new 1200w model (previously 600 or 700w?) unit in 2017 just before cruising. This is amazingly fast and cuts down the heating time (and hence ad hoc unplanned genset use time too!) from 50mins to less than 20mins approx for 40L. We can, and sometimes do, simply heat it via the inverter from the batteries if the wind is blowing hard at night etc.., but when I sell the boat later this year, I would probably advise the new owner to think carefully about this in term of his/her needs and crew plans, and potentially remove this option (ie. to run it off batteries) as one could easily have a new crew member turn it on and forget, and then run down the house batteries far faster than one might like!

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Good to hear from you! It's amazing we're now so far apart given we were nearly next to each other just a few months ago.

That's great that you have so much generation capacity. So you can run the water maker (25amps) and induction (80+ amps) from your non-lithium batteries? I never tried that on my previous gel batteries because of lack of a capable inverter, but I didn't think it would have worked. One "weakness" of my current system is that I can't replenish, via renewable sources, all the power we use. With our current usage level, it doesn't make sense to have more than 450AH capacity because we don't generate enough renewable power daily so it's a question of how often we have to run the genset. Where do you have all that solar? Just on the arch or elsewhere too?

Do you have longer term data on the output of the Rutlands? I have heard so many conflicting stories on what people "think" their wind generators output on a daily basis. It would be interesting to see what they produce on average, over the course of months, in the normal trade wind circumnavigation route. Also, what about noise/hum/resonance?

Also where do you have them mounted? If I were to add them, I would put one on the mizzen mast and that's it. I have tested minor shading on the panels and even with my parallel wired 3 panel setup, solar output drops considerably with shading. I'm concerned that the solar reduction attributed to shading via a setup like Delos with the windgens located nearly directly above the panels would cancel out any output from the windgen. Lithium will not make windgens, if they produce considerable power, unnecessary. I would love to have more renewable generation capacity.

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