Engine alignment

david bruce

Hello all,

We are in Gaeta Italy where mechanics are trying to alleviate a mild but distinct engine vibration noted under load.  I'd rather not go into how this occurred but suffice it to say that moving a boat a few hundred meters at idle to a travel lift minus the stb forward alternator bracket in place is not a good idea.  (bracket was being welded after breaking and landing alt on spinning spline pulley)

 Our well intentioned but seemingly flummoxed non English speaking mechanics have us decoupled ( engine/transmission, not marriage) and best I can tell are ruminating on a fix.  I absolutely don't want to make matters worse.  

Any advice on what to do or advise them or what specifically NOT to do at this point would be greatly appreciated.  i think finding someone with significant Amel experience nearby is highly unlikely. 

Thanks so much for any advisement. 

Best regards,  

Dave Bruce 
sv Liesse   SN006


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