Re: “Default” anchor arrangement on an Amel 54

Arno Luijten

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply. Great to see an Amel that actually uses the Spade. Your additional roller is very clever, it seems to really improve things.
I did notice the Buegel sitting not too great on the port side and is fouling the middle part where the snubber line goes when at anchor.

Yesterday I was reading some copies of anchor tests that Spade has on its website. No surprise the Spade came out best but what I found more interesting that the Delta also outperforms the Buegel in several of the tests. I really struggle with the reasoning that Amel selected the Buegel for all those years. To me it seems the surface of the anchor is quite small compared to other anchors in the same class. Although the surface area of the anchor alone does not make a good anchor it is quite important once the anchor has set.

So how do you like the Spade?


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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