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I am not 100% sure of this, however, I think you are absolutely correct about the Renault paint for early SMs, but I believe that Amel later changed to AwlGrip. This is what I have:
The type is 00B006G (also known as White Amel No 3).
The hardener is 000G3010 known as AWLCAT2
The thinner is 000T0001
The RAL color code is 1013 

I believe that they are probably the same color, but not positive.


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On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 12:26 AM John Clark <john.biohead@...> wrote:
Hi Bernd,
    I used the color "Renault Panda White 348"   for SM #37 (1990)   I had a local auto paint store make the color (their code was 53-1704591-A) and put it into spray cans.  Total cost was about $50 USD for four cans. Color match is perfect.

As to primer...   I had been using a green metal primer that states it is apropriate for aluminium.  I have had good experience with it on the mast and booms however, for the Bonfiglio furler gearboxes the primer bubbled and is flaking off after two years.  I don't know if it was poor surface prep on my part or some interaction with the metal.  I recently repainted them and used a gray metal primer.  So far it looks ok.

One place to check for corrosion on the masts is behind the winches.  I repainted there last year after I rebuilt the winches.  One older SM I visited had severe corrosion on the winch mounting plates.  Keeling them clean and coated will prevent that.  

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On Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 1:11 PM Bernd Spanner <bernd.spanner@...> wrote:
Hi, I have some „bubbles“ in my mast around some old rivets and holes.
Two questions:
1. How can I close the holes (drilling the old rivets out or better close them with new rivets?)
2. I would like to repaint the mast. At least the lower half. Any recommendations about primer, 1or2 comp colors, RAL code etc on a SN 1995.
SN 119 / Cascais, Portugal

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