Re: Engine alignment

Davi Rozgonyi

I only have one piece of advice, from experience, but it is the most important one: GET THEM TO MAKE UP THAT ALIGNMENT TOOL! It is not hard. The first 'competent' mechanic who took out our engine for work did not use one, insisted he could do it without, and 100 hours later we limped into another country with the vetus coupling destroyed. The second, much more competent mechanic fixed her up, and tried to insist he could align her without the tool. :D I pulled him out of the engine room, gave him the specs (above in this thread) to make the tool, and sent him off to do it. Took him an hour, came back, aligned it perfectly. Now the tool is part of our cruising kit, and our Amel is happy. MAKE THE TOOL or don't go anywhere.... 

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