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david bruce

Thank you Eric, Davi, Bill, Olivier and all for your suggestions regarding the align issue.  At present it seems yo be well aligned, done fairly meticulously but sans tool.   The vibration is completely resolved.  For a variety of reasons we will push on and have to hope that in X# of hours we are not in Davi’s situation.  Again thank you. 

On another recent thread topic regarding anchors.   We just switched from S100 spade to 25 kg Rocna since we felt the Spade struggled to penetrate weeds and harder packed bottom surfaces.  We have a Rocna on our boat in the PNW and it has been awesome.
  I did however switch anchors on Liesse with some misgiving given the recent reports of loss of purchase after 180deg wind shifts. 
Well,  to my complete astonishment we fell victim to this phenomenon with the very first use of the Rocna.  Gaeta bay is dense mud, very good holding in our experience thus far.  We had a solid bite and well set anchor but after a rather lazy low velocity 180 deg wind shift and then back to our original orientation over a  a couple of hours we noted we were now dragging as wind built to 18-22 kn.  The anchor was completely filled with a huge clod of mud nearly as tall as the roll bar rendering it more of a large bowling ball than anchor and which was not easy to clear. 
My impression is that the anchor acts like a large ice cream scoop when is swivels rendering it ineffective if the mud is dense and sticky. 
This is a disconcerting event on a first deployment to say the least and i m not sure what i ll do but it does seem extra caution is warranted with a thick mud bottom and the 180 deg wind shift when using a Rocna.  

Best regards, 
Dave Bruce
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When I designed and made the aluminum alignment tool in the photo below, I found it was too tight a fit as the input

shaft which is also 35.00 mm. To make life simpler open the hole up a few thousands of an inch. Above is the tool used by Amel . The bolt  holes are not necessary and I just simplified their design.

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Some mechanics have aligned without a special alignment tool (a fixed coupling) designed and made by Amel and easily duplicated in a machine shop. I think perfect alignment without a fixed coupling is 99% luck rather than skill. The alignment is done with the tool, then the engine is slid forward and the tool replaced with a Vetus Coupling. 


When the Vetus Coupling is removed, be sure to check the Rubber Bushings inside (sold separately). This is a drawing of that tool for a Super Maramu. Be sure to check the shaft size on your Santorin:





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Hello all,

We are in Gaeta Italy where mechanics are trying to alleviate a mild but distinct engine vibration noted under load.  I'd rather not go into how this occurred but suffice it to say that moving a boat a few hundred meters at idle to a travel lift minus the stb forward alternator bracket in place is not a good idea.  (bracket was being welded after breaking and landing alt on spinning spline pulley)

 Our well intentioned but seemingly flummoxed non English speaking mechanics have us decoupled ( engine/transmission, not marriage) and best I can tell are ruminating on a fix.  I absolutely don't want to make matters worse.  

Any advice on what to do or advise them or what specifically NOT to do at this point would be greatly appreciated.  i think finding someone with significant Amel experience nearby is highly unlikely. 

Thanks so much for any advisement. 

Best regards,  

Dave Bruce 
sv Liesse   SN006



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