Re: Upper C-Drive oil leak

Will Stout <tango708@...>

I was getting a small amount of oil which would pool (we are talking a thimble full or so) on top of the c-drive.  What I found was two issues:  1)  one of the hose from the reservoir was leaking.  The hose was actually slightly oversized for the nipples on both the c-drive and the reservoir.  A new more flexible hose and tighter clamping resolved the problem.  2) I was also over filling the reservoir.  The C-drive when working heats up quite a bit around 160 degrees and the expansion of the oil was more than the reservoir could hold when filled to the "full" mark and oil would come out the filler cap run down the hose and end up on the top of the c-drive.  I have started keeping my oil level closer to the add oil mark and have not had the problem re-occur.  

However, when your engine stalled you  applied a lot of force to the c-drive.  I am sure you know this.  If my simple answers above don't help.   Have you tried just tightening all the bolts that hold the unit together?  If you are not getting sea water into the reservoir it might be that snugging things up might help.  That C-drive is a very robust unit and I believe you would be more likely to damage your transmission or engine than the c-drive with a stall as you described.  I would think you could see the leak if the seal was leaking inside the engine room.

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