Re: Upper C-Drive oil leak

John Clark

Hi Eamonn,

   The other replies are correct that there are no connections at the neoprene hose that would leak oil.  I noted in your description that you said the leak rate was "50ml/hr of run time."  I assume that means the oil is leaking only when the drive is engaged.  This tells me it is likely the input shaft seal leaking.  Other sealed points I would expect to leak all the time if comprimised(the drive is always full due to the oil resevoir).
 Why it is leaking remains a question.  Could be a damaged bearing in the drive unit or the drive shaft flexible coupling making the input shaft wander when there is load on it.  

It could also be an older worn shaft seal that just decided to start leaking around the same time.  Anyone else have thoughts?

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On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 12:04 PM Eamonn Washington <eamonn.washington@...> wrote:
A week ago my C-Drive started leaking oil into the engine room.  While doing 1000RPM on the Volvo TDM22 a rope wrapped 20 times around the short shaft of the Maxprop and within seconds stalled the engine.  Then the slow leak started (of the 8L 80W90 oil), where the rubber (neoprene?) hose connects with the floor of the engine room.  About 50ml leaks per hour of running time.  I tightened the 2 upper and 2 lower hose clamps, but it did not stop the leak.

The engine runs fine, the gears work fine.  What can I do to fix the leak and verify there is no other damage?  

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