Re: Upper C-Drive oil leak

Eamonn Washington

Many thanks for all the hints and suggestions. The oil leak is slower than I had said; about a fifth of the oil between the Max and Min mark leaked and it drips a drop every 3 or 4 hours when the engine is off.  I identified the source of the leak as being between the part (coupling?) that you can rotate by hand when in neutral between the reverse gearbox and the C-drive, right against the C-drive.

Craig, it does sound like the upper seal.  If so I would need a mechanic as scooting the engine back a bit is beyond my capabilities.  Can this be done with the boat in the water?  (I do have a vacuum oil pump.)  Will any “60-90-10 single lip rotary shaft seal” do, or are there additional requirements when ordering it?

This year, my fifth of SM ownership, has had more things go wrong than previous years despite a fairly full preventative maintenance program.  8 pumps failed or required major service since April, as well as a major generator failure.  I do sometimes ask myself, when will it all end?

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