Re: Recommendations for winter on the hard in S. Italy or Greece

tony wells

Hi Theo

We’ve acted on Bill’s recommendation to lift out in Malta this winter. 

We’ve been in Preveza, Greece for 2 winters (latterly with the Amel). We were in Cleopatra Marina which is highly organised but in my experience can be a little ‘officious’ about who works on your boat. You may find Ionion (sic) Marina next door is a little more relaxed. In my opinion, they’re both good value at approx €3k. Aktio is the third Marina there - reputedly more relaxed in every way. The Greek tepai tax won’t be payable while you’re ashore (but you’ll pay for a month at c€100 on entry no matter if it’s just a few days before lift, plus an annual Dekpa at €50)

Malta is a little more expensive at circa €4K but I’m seeking a better choice of consistent quality in engineering, electronic and rigging skills for several winter projects. And direct winter flights are helpful. 

We had an offer from Marina di Ragusa at €2,700 and would probably like to spend a winter afloat there in the future. 

There are plenty of Amel owners who’ve experienced all of the above and will have great first hand knowledge. 

Wishing you well with your decision making and I suggest you might want to move very quickly - certainly the Greek marinas may tell you’re they’re largely booked (I’m at Kalamata right now, which could be an excellent choice but my neighbours just told me there’s currently no winter space - but things are often ‘fluid’ in this part of the world). If you end up in Preveza please ask me for engineer recommendations - I’ve good and bad experiences to share privately if that’s helpful. 


Tony Wells
A54 #102 Balthazar
Kalamata, Southern Peloponnese, Greece

On 17 Aug 2019, at 17:08, Theo s/v Paloma <sailingpaloma1@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

We're really enjoying our Amel 50 in the Balearic islands. It's such a luxury to have a floating home by beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas. Our initial goal was to reach Turkey on the first Med season, but there's so much to see and we're moving too slow. 

So now, for the winter we're planning to leave our boat, on the hard, in S Italy or Western/Mid Greece. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good yard to leave our Paloma?

Thank you in advance.

s/v Paloma
Amel 50 #18

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