Re: Recommendations for winter on the hard in S. Italy or Greece

Paul Brown

I berthed at Monastir Marina this year for two months and found it to be very good, safe and happy service, yes unbeatable prices. The fuel is good and the labour is good but I would recommend close supervision including watching over your materials if you use them

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I have been for 6 years in Monastir, Tunisia.
There are 2 shipyards: One in the marina with a travellift of 20 tons and another in the fishers port (Port de Peches) with a larger travellift.
If you are able to tell them exactly what you want they do it very well or you do it yourself (no problem at all).
But the biggest advantage over any other place in the mediterranian are the unbeatable prices. A berth floating or on the hard more than 3-times cheaper than anywhere else.
Diesel fuel 3-times cheaper, alcoholics (beer, wine) nearly some prices than in Europe but food and restaurants very cheap. Best place for fish and other sea food.
The Marina Monastir is camera controlled. Boats may stay without problems for 2 years (after 2 years leave Tunisia for a short trip to e.g. Pantelleria and come back for next 2 years).
Port de Peches:
Gerhard Mueller
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