Re: Parasailor for Mango

Joerg Esdorn

Hi Barry, there have been several Parasailor threads recently.  Please check out my posts on using the Parasailor with the "Tacker".  If you do, you won't need a bow sprit.  I don't find I need a bow sprit on the 55 even with the "standard" setup with 2 sheets and 2 guys.  I run the guys over rings attached to a shackle on the anchor fitting forward of the forestay.   I talked to a Swiss 55 owner before I ordered my Parasailor  who had initially gotten a bow sprit and ended up not needing it.  I believe your bow setup is identical to that on the 55.  So I would recommend not getting one, at least initially.  The boat sails fine with or without mizzen but you gain additional speed with the mizzen unless you're below 160 degrees AWA, when the mizzen will partially blanket the Parasailor.  It's not necessary to deploy the running backstays for the Parasailor.  

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53
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