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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Hi Oliver

Lots of interesting and useful information- you hinted in your video about the reasoning of using a single battery management system rather than each battery having an integrated BMS I am keen to understand more about this.



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I went lithium with my A54 and use it since about 10 month now.
Its an 100% improvement to our Vela Nautica since we live long term on her and most times anchored.
Since then our generator times decreased to 25% compared to before lithium times while we use more energy.
Since then we live like having shore power all the time.
I started to describe the process on:

Since its to much to show it here.

Shortly I am going to show more details about every single unit we needed to change to get the most out of it.

As a resumee I must say its one of the best things to do if you liveaboard but there are many pitfalls. There are not many competent partners to help and most sell standard equipment and you wont get the best.

Oliver from Vela Nautica



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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] Amel is going lithium
From: CW Bill Rouse


You know how cationary I have been regarding Lithium based electrical systems onboard an Amel. I had one client who had serious issues because the source he used failed to install all needed devices and failed to correctly setup the devices installed.

BUT, as technology evolves, so should opinions.

Although I am proceeding cautiously, I am currently working with several recommended marine power supply companies that not only supply lithium-ion batteries, but also supply all  the other devices, which must be changed in an Amel, coupled with expert support. One of these is located in Europe another in the USA, and the third in the Caribbean. 

My hope is to within 30 days have a basic package assorted and spect'd and to have optional add-ons like different sized Victron charger/inverters and possibly electric cooking devices. The future is exciting.

When the above sourcing and specifications project is completed, I will release the package here on the AYOG. I will also separately notify my Amel Yacht School clients via email of preferential ordering and support.

I want to especially thank Scott Nguyen, Amel 54 TENGAH Hull#69, for the research he shared with me 3 months ago.


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Hi Joerg, 
Can you please send a photo of the installation of the super wind? 

Ofer Magen
Alba A54 160 
Datcha area Turkey 

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