Re: Always check your contractors' work

Scott SV Tengah


I know it's Martinique, but I have had good experience with Caraibe Marine in Le Marin. They generally know Amels quite well. I had them redo my standing rigging and while all was not perfect, they fixed the problems without so much as a complaint. They really take pride in their work. I still had to double check everything but found far fewer problems than with other contractors.

They do almost everything through their different "divisions" and while there's an argument that a monopoly is not good, having everything under the Caraibe umbrella means they can't point fingers at other contractors when something goes wrong.

They have a decent relationship with and are very close to the Amel office down there. The Amel guys are very busy and don't do everything, but will gladly give technical advice to Caraibe Marine. The Amel guys aren't perfect at English so it's good that everyone is French. :)

Let's just say I am literally sailing all the way back to Martinique for a few more items before heading through the Canal.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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