Amel Mango Emergency Tiller Storage Location

Charles Bell

Can anyone tell me the correct location to store the Emergency tiller and rudder post extension on an Amel Mango?

The storage locations for all the other specialty parts on the boat make sense... but I cannot seem to find where the emergency tiller (180cm+ long) should be stored. When I took possession of my boat the emergency tiller was loose in the port cockpit lazarette. I just can't bring myself to think this is how the factory intended it to be stored.

I have read the posts regarding emergency tiller storage on the SM's. The emergency tiller arm on is too long to fit in the cabinets behind the pilot berth. The only location I have not eliminated is the bilge directly in front of the salon settee.

Did I miss something? Does anyone remember the factory storage location for the emergency tiller and supporting hardware?

Thank you,

SV Saturn
Amel Mango

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