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Ken Powers SV Aquarius

And one more thing... "it only sees a little over a boat length"
This statement is completely false..... Maybe this is true in 4
meters, but in 4 meters (2 meter under your keel) you should not be
moving very fast, maybe 1 knot or so unless you have local knowledge.
I have found the EchoPilot a big help and I can see in front of the
boat about 20 meters in this situation... But, in 10 meters, where
you usually drop your anchor you can see out at least 40 to 50 meters,
and in 40 meters you can see a wall coming at you 70 meters or more
before you hit it, giving you plenty of room to slow down if moving 6
kts. And, yes, this did happen to me, because you can't always trust
your charts. Case in point here in Indonesia; Google overlays are a
MUST here anytime you're in less that 100 meters.

But, the statement that you have to weave to see the whole picture of
what is in front of you this is very true, and sometimes you will see
Aquarius doing a circle before dropping the anchor just so I can see
what is around. And, my echoPilot will show me what the bottom of the
anchorage looks like which is very helpful in getting the anchor set
just the way I like it.

I am not a sales person for EchoPilot, but have used one for the past
2.5 years, and I love it. We use it every time we anchor, or moving
through water less than 50 meters unless we know the area well. Which
we rarely do because we are halfway through a one way trip around the

I don't want to seem mean, but when I see a patently false statement,
or a statement that is misleading I have to say something.

Ken Powers
Currently in Indonesia

On 8/20/19, karkauai via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I had the EchoPilot 2-D on my boat when purchased 10 years ago. I found it
of little use because it only sees a little over a boat length ahead when
you really need it in water less than 4M deep. In muddy water if you are
looking for a channel, it only sees directly in front of the boat. You have
to turn the boat in hopes if identifying deeper water. I was rarely
successful, and was as likely to stumble on the channel as find it with the
The transducer has since failed. I’m waiting until the 3D units get better
and cheaper before I replace it.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy

On Aug 20, 2019, at 11:34 AM, Oliver Henrichsen, SV Vela Nautica
<> wrote:

Hi Scott,

To place the charger in the engineroom has some downsides:
- hunidity
- heat
- limited space so probably the charger is mounted sideways what lowers
- long wires

I customized widened the switch area and drilled ventilation holes to the
I install 120mm thermocontrolled fans with heat alarms to blow fresh air
into the cabinet.

The 120A5000W fits vertical.

The lifepo is smaller than batteries before with same capacity so i could
install a new separation.

The starter batt is now behind the onan in the engine room.

No more dirty lead in the cabin. Hydrogen Should not be an issue as most
other yachts place the starter batt around the engine room.

Oliver from Vela Nautica



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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] Amel is going lithium
From: Scott SV Tengah

I guess this is a reminder that I still owe the group my writeup. :)

Oliver, how do you vent the compartment where you've installed the Victron
24/5000/120 inverter/charger? I mounted mine in the engine compartment
(connected with the recommended 2x pair of 50mm2 wires - not 95mm2 as I
previously mentioned) in the same location as the old Dolphin 100amp
charger, with the same ventilation from outside as the original Amel setup.

Even then, the charger/inverter gets damn hot especially when we are cooking
and the induction, microwave and boiler are drawing tons of current. Or when
it's charging at the full 120 amps.

Part of the reason I ask is that the electricians installed the Victron
150/35 MPPT in the same compartment where you installed your
charger/inverter (where the main battery switches are) and I'm getting very
high temperatures in that closed compartment after a full day's charging. If
you've figured out a good cooling solution, I'd rather implement that than
try to move my MPPT!

I was considering adding a little timer controlled 24v fan on the vent in
the battery compartment and connecting the two compartments, but haven't for
two reasons: (1) Amel kept the two compartments isolated. I am loathe to
violate that as they probably did that for a reason (2) The fan is just
another part to fail and I have enough things to keep up with already!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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