Re: Always check your contractors' work

Scott SV Tengah

Ah ok, I have not had experience with the refrigeration group.

Good thing you guys didn't take what they said at face value! That said, I still believe having Amel's office nearby is invaluable so my vote is still for Le Marin. 

The electricians in Southern Spain were nice guys so I am a bit loathe to hang them out to dry. But given how much additional time and money I have wasted due to their shoddy work, I've realized that it's more important to me that no fellow Amel owner has to go through what I did.

The group was Electrical Marine Services in Gibraltar. An English guy and a South African. Initially I was very happy with their work as they actually showed up on time or at all, unlike some of the other contractors we hired. They got the work done on time, unlike the other contractors.  As time passed and problems with their work surfaced, my opinion of them changed.

The primary "other" contractor was MH Preserve at Alcaidesa Marina. They were overwhelmed and understaffed for the quantity of work we had them do - keep in mind this is right when we bought the boat. They came recommended by a surveyor but I surmise they were buddies. Anyways it's run by an English guy and his father does a lot of the work. With that (reverse?) nepotism, the father was unfireable and the work quality and pace reflected that. Additionally the marina makes it very expensive to bring in outside contractors, so you're stuck with them. 

The only reason we were able to leave was because my visa was running out. Otherwise we'd probably still be there today!

-- Scott 
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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