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Patrick McAneny

When we replaced all our electronic due to lightning damage ,we went with the latest B&G equipment,including forward looking sonar. We had Interphase prior and for me it was like trying to read a ultrasound . The B&G sonar sends false images of things that do not exist ,with the bottom going up and down and what looks like walls showing and then disappearing . These false signals have instilled no confidence to the point I never turn it on and at this point I consider a big waste of money. It was professionally installed and I have spoken to the installer as well as B&G reps. at the boat show , I have gotten no answers . I got to the point that I assume this is the state of the art ,when it comes to sonar. 
But after reading what a few of you have said about your sonar,which are older than mine ,I am convinced that something is wrong with my unit. Does anyone have B&G forward looking sonar ,how is it working for you, false images ?
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We have the Interphase forward looking sonar on our A54 and use it often. It's not perfect, but definitely useful.

As Ken noted, we often use it to scope out the surrounding depths to account for any swinging. And more than once it has showed us that the charts aren't perfect and given us time to go astern hard to avoid a collision with an uncharted obstacle.

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