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On 8/21/19, Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> wrote:

IMO, FaceBook or other social media is where people can freely rant
unchecked about stuff. I for one prefer this forum to be clear of opinions
and criticism (such as I am doing now).

" Open discussion, with honest opinion, with no "political" agenda, that's
what I think owners are looking for. " As an owner, this is NOT what I am
looking for.

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I agree, maybe this isn't the place to have open honest discussions
about things that happen when working on, or getting your Amel
repaired.. My question is, where is the right place, because I want
to be a member there?

I want to know when someone does a good job, and when someone really
screws up a boat! That's called clout.... If someone messes up my
boat, I am going to put it on YouTube, and I am going to tell everyone
I know what happened... In a way, that helps all Amel owners.

Open discussion, with honest opinion, with no "political" agenda,
that's what I think owners are looking for. I stand behind everything
I write! If he had a bad day with me, someone else can back him up,
and tell the rest of the Amel owners how great he is at his job. You
know, I listened for 10 minutes while he ranted in French screaming at
me! And, in the end he was totally wrong! You really want to try to
tell me he knows Climma, or that he is a good manager? Look, if we
all tip toe around the facts, where shall we go for facts?

Ken Powers
Soon to be in Never Never land

On 8/21/19, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:
Ken and others interested,

I do not think this forum is a place to criticize any business or person
work performed on any Amel. The reason is that it would be one-sided,
we all know that there are at least two sides to every story.

Caraibe Marine and all of its shops in Martinique are owned by Philippe
LECONTE. I know him very well and if anyone wants help with any problem
any of his 8 different shops in Martinique, please ask me. My email
is brouse@.... I also know Patrice FOUGEROUSE who manages Caraibe
Refrigeration for Philippe. I have found him to be very knowledgeable
regarding Frigoboat and Climma. He has also been very responsive. I also
know each of the managers that run Philippe's shops.

It is true that anyone can make a mistake, you and I included, and anyone
can be wrong, but regarding the honesty, integrity, and professionalism
Philippe and all of the managers that work for him, I believe they
the very high standards.

This year we had the first ever Amel Yacht Owners Rally in Martinique.
Philippe LECONTE and Caraibe Marine Shops sponsored the rally and bought
wonderful dinner for all of the participants. BTW, la Marina du Marin,
sponsored with reduced rates and other stuff, Carenantilles Yard gave away
free haulout to one Rally participant, I gave away 2 of my Amel Books,
JP and Stephanie at Caribbean Yacht Sales paid for the drinks at dinner.

I think that Martinique and all of the Martinique businesses I mentioned
above have created a special place to bring your Amel. In my "circle of
world," I found no better place, especially considering the fact that
has a company owned service facility there. The presence of Amel in
Martinique also allows for an expert advisor to all Martinique businesses
that you might deal with. I know for a fact that the businesses I
above have a great relationship with Amel and communicate often on
issues that are unique to will not find that anywhere outside


CW Bill Rouse

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