Main sail Outhaul motor/gearbox failed A54

Stefan Schaufert

Dear AMEL Group/ Owners,

our main sail outhaul (gearbox) stopped 2 days ago just in the moment the main was completely furled in.
First we thought it is a kind of end-switch that stoped it and does not release.
But it never worked again.
Today I checked the entire system:
- by switching there is a clicking, thus the relays + switches are working
- I changed/swapped the cables from the mast furler with the boom outhaul (on the breakers, the current protectors and the relays): mast furler is working, boom not.
- I checked the gear box: the shaft (I guess with the worm drive - I can not open the box.) was about 1cm out of the gear box (the cover was kicked out - see picture with marking) + fully blocked. 
Was/Is the gear box broken or is it a safety thing? 
I pushed the shaft slowly (with a small hammer and a protector) back + put the cover on, then the shaft was turning again well and easy.
- I checked the motor: brushes are still very well, power comes, the motor turns (when not connected with the gear box AND when the cables on the current-protectors (What is the right name?) - see picture - are swapped). The motor turns not, when the current protectors are default connected (boom to boom, mast to mast).
- OK. I connected the motor again with the gearbox (current protectors still swapped). Motor turns short and stops, then trying to turn but does not make it.
- Swapped the cables for the current-protectors back (boom to boom, mast to mast). Mast is working, boom not (only the relay is clicking). 
But why is the mast furler working with the boom-current-protector and not the boom itself?
And, btw: there are 2 spare breakers 100A, but no slot for it???

Now I do not know:
Is it only the current-protector 
the gear box too 
the motor (which is looking very well)
Or all of it? 
I am looking forward for your help and really appreciate it.
Best regards
A54 N°119 Lady Charlyette, currently Leixoes/Porto

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