Re: Sharki 1984 Genoa furler solution

Hajé Weisfelt

Dear all,

My furler had exactly the same problems and cleaning etcetera didn't

So I had the electrics revised at a local dynamo/ starter shop
(Rotterdam Holland (Netherlands) called Jongeneel. For a very
reasonable price (345 Euro) the took the engine apart and cleaned the
wiring. After new coating and brushes and bearings the tested it and
it is as new again. Bosch doesnt make a replacement anymore.

Then the gearbox. This was different stuff. The bearings were all
gone and so were the plastic parts wich separate the alloy from the
inox parts. Also the bottomplate was gone. So they had to make these
all new from raw. I don't have a price on it yet cause it was
impossible to estimate the hours of work. It's looking brandnew and
they have ordered all the new parts wich are still to be found.

I keep you all informed and will post the pictures in a PDF with

If you want a real good and trustworthy workshop where prices are ok
and quality is top they are called BABO in the Hague Holland.

Cheers, Hajé

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