Re: Main sail Outhaul motor/gearbox failed A54

Scott SV Tengah

I agree, it sounds like the outhaul gearbox. I had the same failure a year ago and the symptoms were very similar to yours.

Mine had seawater mixed in with a bit of grease - I found this out when I tried to re-grease it, but it was too late, the gearbox was dead. Contact Maud at Amel and she'll sort you out. They didn't make my gearbox anymore, but with a lot of pictures, Maud figured out how to send me a current model that would work. 

PS - When I first got it, I was certain it was the wrong gearbox. A bit more playing around and I figured out that the spacer that was used for the old gearbox was not used with the new one. For better or worse, the new gearbox is sealed with gear oil.

Good luck.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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