Re: Main sail Outhaul motor/gearbox failed A54

Courtney Gorman

Stephen the most difficult part of changing the Gear box is getting the old one off you MUST have a GOOD gear puller with multiple 'teeth' to get a hold of the old box it is in a difficult position.  I believe there is a detailed description and instructions on how and what you need in Bill's manual.  It took me hours to get if off without the proper tools no fun at all.  Everything else was easy.  Good luck and yes you do NOT use the spacer.
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Dear Craig, dear Scott, dear Olivier,

thx a lot for all your fast responses, thoughts and hints, specially to you Olivier, for explaining the 100A fuses.
I already wrote to Maud and hope she will give me a fast response.
The next mechanic I will meet in 2.5 weeks. I will let him check the (old) gear box.

Best regards to all 
A 54 N°119 Lady Charlyette, currently Leixos/ Porto

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