Re: Maintenance costs for Amel yachts

Ian Park

Hi and welcome to the group.

Yes, reading the posts gives the impression that AMELs are a constant maintenance boat.
Not true. It is just the helpful nature of this particular group that folk feel they always get instant first class help if a problem occurs or a maintenance job comes up they haven’t attempted themselves before.
Others will give you the same advice, when choosing an Amel get someone who really knows the boat to survey it. (I didn’t but have been lucky).
Yes, the boat is very different to other boats so owners do ask a lot of questions.
I looked at an Oyster 435 before got my Santorin. I’ve got much the better boat.
You will spend at least two years really getting to know the systems, but then a good annual maintenance schedule will give you the ultimate short handed ocean cruiser around (personal opinion after 5 years ownership).

Best of luck with your plans

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