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I think you will find the cost and maintenance on Amel boats to be considerably less than others, especially those you mention, Moody and Oyster. When reading this forum, a person needs to keep in mind there are over 1,000 participants and for the most part very few serious complaints about our vessels. All boats will break. The question you should ask yourself is how easy it is to fix. A stand up engine room with access to all sides of both the engine and genset, access to all electronics and steering components, a bow-thruster than can be service while the vessel in the water, a sea-chest to minimize through-hulls and watertight compartments are some of the features that make Amel such attractive boats for serious world cruisers. In addition, the support we receive from Amel for parts is second to none. They are a first-class operation.


Perhaps you should research further. For example, take a look at the Pacific Puddle Jump recaps. They list all the boats and the things that broke during the ocean crossing. An example of an Oyster: failures of Autohelm; seacock; spin pole track; waterpump; mainsail clew shackle failed. Three of these are pretty serious.


High cost of maintenance is a given for ALL boats. They are expensive high maintenance divas. Bill Rouse posted an entire budget for a 10 year circumnavigation on his Amel documenting every penny spent. I challenge you to find any other brand of vessel on a 10-year voyage that was meticulously maintained for an average of $9,000 per year.


I really do not understand how you are coming to the conclusion Amel boats have higher cost of maintenance and downtime.




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Hello everyone, I am new to the site and thank you to the moderators for letting me join this group.

I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing an Amel Super Maramu or Santorin within the next two years. Longing to embark on a circumnavigation, I have researched various bluewater vessels looking at characteristics such as comfort, safety etc. Having come across Sailing SV Delos on Youtube, this was the first time I had ever seen an Amel yacht. At first I thought the Amel Super Maramu was rather quirky, particularly the interior. However, after much research and looking at video, photos etc, I am now utterly enthralled with Amel yachts and think it is the perfect brand to travel the world with.

There is one thing that I noticed from the Delos videos, and subsequently online postings and literature pertaining to the upkeep of Amel yachts is the amount of maintenance and the subsequently high cost of such maintenance. I have minimal experience with yachts from a technical point of view, however I was curious to know whether current Amel yacht owners consider their boats to be more maintenance intensive and costly especially compared with other previous yachts they may have owned. Granted, the Amel has a lot more gadgetry (is that the right word?) than what I have seen compared with a Moody or Oyster. Does the preventative maintenance regime required to keep Amel yachts in good shape mitigate costs as much as it would say with a comparable boat? Or is it by its very nature that the satisfaction of owning an Amel comes at a cost compared with similar blue water vessels?

I love the Amel Super Maramu and the Amel 54, and I have been caught in the cult of Amel as they say. But I was curious as to what current Amel owners think about their relationship with their vessels regarding costs and downtime. I figure that owning a Super Maramu would bring me a lot of joy, but also a lot of headaches in particular if I am to do a circumnavigation. Any opinions and comments regarding this subject warmly welcomed.

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