Re: Main sail Outhaul motor/gearbox failed A54

Scott SV Tengah

My old outhaul gearbox came with greasing points and it looked like it was that way from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the bulbous cover that encapsulates the outhaul gearbox and motor is riveted on, so it's not designed for you to remove and service it. By the time I opened it, it was too late. I see that some of the older 54s have the outhaul gearbox/motor exposed, similar to the SMs. 

When I replaced the bulbous cover, I made two changes:

1) Drilled a few holes in the bottom so that water could drain out. Even if the cover is waterproof, water will enter from the vertical drive shaft and there isn't a way for it to get out. It became a saltwater bathtub.

2) Rather than use rivets, I got some tef-gel, liberally coated some stainless screws and screwed the cover back on. I know stainless screws on the aluminum boom isn't ideal, but I've been monitoring it and it seems the tef-gel is doing its job.

FYI, my new gearbox was not painted. That is, unless they painted it metal colored? :) And as I mentioned, it appears to be sealed and filled with gear oil.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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