Re: Maintenance costs for Amel yachts

Thomas Kleman

Orion- I'd second these comments but also point out that your maintenance costs depend largely on picking a good Amel and how quickly you climb the learning curve where you can do most of the work with any boat.

First, finding a good Amel....shame on you if you fumble this aspect. Between Joel, Olivier, Bill, and some others you have ample resources to locate and evaluate a boat. Use them.

Regarding the learning curve, most of us on this site are not naval architects or engineers by trade. We use the Amel community and resources to solicit advice and resolve problems. One could infer by reading the site that Amels are high maintenance boats but you're looking at the oasis inferring all animals are thirsty. We use the site when the rare issue arises where input would be helpful.

So in my opinion your question has no definitive answer but only a more subjective one. You've probably noticed Amel owners love their boats in a way I haven't noticed among other marques and yes, in buying one you are joining a community (or cult depending your outlook).

Tom and Kirstin
Colon, Panama

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