Engine Battery cable to starter motor to be replaced - looking for experience

Dominique Guenot


My engine battery was not able to start the Yanmar this morning.
I jumped start the engine successfully using the House battery bank 
The engine battery is 2 month old and charged.

 A reputable electro-mechanic tested Volt and Amp during the start when you turn on the key with the engine battery:
- at battery level it is correct 
- at starter motor level there is a significant drop in Volt and Amp, (way more than expected when the starter kicks in) and cannot launch the starter motor. 
Therefore he recommends changing the cables which are "consuming Amp" and will eventually stop working.

I never thought that such big cables (35mm2) could degrade and/or stop working?
Is someone had similar problems? 
Any recommendation? 

sv Viva 
SM #374
Papeete, French Polynesia 

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