Re: Maintenance costs for Amel yachts

Nick Newington

My penny’s worth.
Amelia is my third sailboat but I also worked as a professional yacht captain for nearly 20 years on numerous vessels. 

I have to say that, in general, my Amel 54 is the best engineered of any boat that I have run or owned.
And therefore not excessively expensive to run.

As with all boats there are some compromises I do not like but they are minor.
It is fair to say that the more modern Amels have quite a lot of systems that need looking after and there are a lot of electric motors etc etc. The thing is, compared to just about any other sail boat the access is great. Generally the systems have been installed with a view that at some point they will need to be either serviced or replaced.

What you need to do is:
1. Learn to fix everything yourself
2. Make sure you have a really good tool kit
3. Learn to love fixing things, and learn to love and enjoy the whole engineering aspect of owning an Amel.

This group is a great resource and as a novice you can not do much better than get Bill onside to help you.

One more piece of advice. When you first buy your Amel do not just start chucking money at it (unless of course you buy a project) just get to know your boat and climb the learning curve....

Good luck
Amelia anchored Ionian

On 23 Aug 2019, at 06:09, Orion Martin <poonz1@...> wrote:

Hi John,

Thank you and to the other participants in this topic for your time and insights. Your post with the story about how you came to know Amel yachts was a great read, this was exactly the kind of anecdote I was looking for that describes the discovery and eventual fondness for the SM of which I am currently experiencing. I agree with Mark Erdos that I have made an ill-informed assumption about maintenance costs for Amel yachts, hence why it was important to reach out to fellow Amel enthusiasts and ask them about their thoughts concerning this subject. As a consequence, I feel more excited about the prospect of purchasing a SM in the near future, and will take the good advice concerning having an experienced Amel surveyor check the boat when it comes time to purchase. Many thank to all once again.

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