Re: [Amel] Hurth gearbox Watercooler on SM Volvo

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Ian, you are right, the cooler can be bypassed by putting the two hoses together. I ran mine,( not high speeds) for quite sometime before I replaced it. Volvo doen't have the part because it's a Hurth transmission part. It can also be bought in the States at Transatlantic diesel for 120.00 US. Phone !-800-9279295. Also they have any parts you need for the Volvo, talk to Sherrie. I think you have the same engine I have the Volvo TMD 22P Regards John "Moon dog" SM248

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:55:09 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Hurth gearbox Watercooler on SM Volvo

Hi y'all, We have the 78hp Volvo on Pen Azen , SM 302. On the starboard side of the Hurth gearbox is a small 7cm x 8cm x 5cm box attached to the gearbox by 4 bolts. It has an inlet pipe to take the hose from the seacock and an outlet pipe taking a hose to the engine seawater pump.The hose on the inlet pipe seemed to be leaking, a few drips, with some whitish gunge around the jubilees clips. I assumed the gunge was salt but it was corroded pipe ( looks like some sort of aluminium alloy). The pipe was so corroded that the hose can only be attached with one jubilee clip. Needless to say, Antigua has no such part. La Rochelle quoted me 360 Euros plus VAT but I have got the part from an inland waterways marina in England for £61 ( about $100 or about 60 Euros).
Both hoses come off easily so in future I will slip them each season to see how the pipes are doing.
Volvo UK could not help me. Their handbooks show no watercooler on the TMD22 but the supplier who came to my rescue told me that the coolers are used on inland waterway tug engines, always running hard, and he reckoned that I could probably just bypass the watercooler if I had to.
Happy sailing, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Antigua
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