Re: Climma Compact 9 EH MK3 Air Conditioning

Hans-Joerg Wildhagen

Hi Mark

May be it is a similar problem as with a waterheater when the heater is corroded and the phase and the zero conductor comes at certain point together. I am not sure with that.
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Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> schrieb am Fr. 23. Aug. 2019 um 20:21:

Rats! It’s hot as heck here in Panama and my aft AC has decided not to play.


This morning, the main GF breaker popped. By turning on breakers one at a time, I was able to determine I have a GF in the aft AC unit. The AC unit immediately pops the GF breaker when powered on.


I have isolated the fault to the compressor. If I disconnect the compressor power from the main circuit board everything else works. The board powers up, the fan turns on etc. The moment I connect the compressor power, the boat’s main GF breaker pops.


Any thoughts?




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