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Mark Erdos

Hi Cindy and Matt,

We went through this exercise a few months ago when we moved away from Pantaenius USA. We are BVI flagged and settled with Y-Yacht. I was very impressed with Y-Yacht. I was also impressed with a USA company called Novamar. They are an A-Rated company and have a very good reputation with full time cruisers in the Pacific and Caribbean. I do not know about their coverage for Europe but it's worth asking. We used a USA Broker who underwrites a lot of their policies:

Chris Boome Insurance Agency
LIC# 0A99058
751 Laurel Street #216
San Carlos, CA 94070
O: 650-517-3160 C: 650-464-0728

Another company who was also recommended has a bit of a branding problem as they have three names: IMIS - Jackline - Growrie. I understand the company has recently merged and may not be the same company as others who are recommending it think it is. I found them extremely rude and their demands from us prior to a quote were very unrealistic. I did not get a quote and walked away. But, other sailors swear they are great. Perhaps it was the person I was dealing with, who knows. But it might be worth it for you to follow up with them. Hopefully your experience will be better:

Hope this helps a bit.

With best regards,


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Hi All,
We are taking delivery of our new 50, Speed of Life, soon, and are shopping for insurance.
We will be US-flagged, but sailing, La Rochelle to Gibraltar, then throughout the Med.
We’re looking for great service, over lowest rates.
We have 3 or 4 quotes, so far.
We have been warned to avoid Pantaenius USA (different company than Pantaenius UK, who won’t insure us). Y-Yacht also won’t cover a US flagged vessel.
We do have a quote from Topsail (Global Yacht Cover) that is a bit high, but has good reviews.
Can anyone make a recommendation?
We value a company that will work hard to make us whole after a claim, vs one that works equally hard to deny a claim.
BTW, we have not had a claim in 32 years of boat ownership.
Thanks in Advance,

Cindy and Matt
Amel 50
S/V Speed of Life

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