Re: Insurance in Europe

Craig Briggs

Hi Matt,
    I think your post is a good example of what Bill Rouse was talking about recently in admonishing negative reviews on this forum. To be "warned to avoid" a vendor without any specifics and without a full story is, frankly, not very meaningful. "War stories", especially about insurance claims, are notoriously one sided.  And the many replies you got lauding Pantaenius USA points that out.  But then we all listen to our mates; we just need to judge when to add that grain of salt.
    There have been many factual posts here about Pantaenius USA's hurricane zone requirements in the Caribbean and Florida being virtually impossible to meet and their breathtaking premium quotes for that region essentially taking them out of that market.
    At the same time there also have been posts about their excellent coverage and very competitive rates for US boats cruising Europe, which I experienced.
    No claims in 32 years, btw, suggests that will be your continuing experience and other replies to your post praising Pantaenius USA should alleviate any concerns about Pantaenius USA's claim service.
Good luck with your shopping.
Craig - SN68 Sangaris

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